it's already March 1st!

my intent with this blog is to share the cool art related events of 10 Central Avenue Studios however what i am finding is the upstart is more than i had given thought to; the design, the functionality, and the need for ease to post freely. currently i am having to blog from my desktop and more and more like most i would say, i am using phones and tablets do to tasks that once were dedicated to desktop publishing.

we can all choose to see the "good" that is from the pandemic - to elevate digital technologies and communications although it certainly is not without a hefty price.

we are experiencing history in the making and where my focus is - is on the digital revolution.

my immediate blog goal for now is frequency - whether i blog as much as everyday brushing my teeth or weekly watch of my favorite tv whow - for now i am "paying a monthly bill.

it's the 1st again, it's already March 1st!

and maybe with a bit of madness : )


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