About The Art: "The Mask" by Julia Peters
Julia Peters created this piece after a trip to Italy in 2013. 
"There were masks in so many of the souvenir shops so I bought one and brought it home thinking of doing a life size image of a renaissance Italian guy in classic Italian garb and glue the mask to the painting," explains Julia and telling about her process. "It is a collage w/acrylic and paper, which is in Italian because it was the paper my mask was wrapped in!"
"The Mask" painting is for sale at $175, size is 20"X16" framed.
About The Bauta: “The most classic and famous of Venetian masks is the bauta, which is entirely white; it covers the whole face, and has two holes for the eyes; it also alters the voice of the person wearing it, making for the perfect disguise. The fact that the bauta is open at the bottom, where the chin is, makes it possible to eat and drink without removing it, which means that it could be worn in any occasion.“ resourced from